Interest-free Payday Loan Without Interest – So You Get the 0% Interest

Want to borrow money without paying interest? That’s the dream of every borrower. Sounds like an April Fool’s joke? But it is not. Here are the exact terms and how to apply for an interest-free payday loan. Make application online: here’s how it works The application is quick and easy, as expected from a modern […]

Actual Annual Interest Rate and Consumer Loan

The beginning of the year usually brings some changes. One of them is the one that came into force on January 1, 2013 and concerns the Consumer Credit Act. It has implemented the European Union requirements set out in Commission Directive 2011/90 / EU of 14 November 2011. APRC should be counted in the same […]

Consumer Bankruptcy and Lack of Property – Loans For Indebted

Problematic turbulence related to debts and other financial problems may lead to the state of consumer bankruptcy. But what is the question of not possessing any property? Can you formally declare bankruptcy without him? Consumer bankruptcy and lack of assets – let us learn the most important relationships between these concepts. Consumers having problems with […]

Limitation of Loan – When will it happen?

According to the rules of civil law, property claims (with few exceptions) after a certain time barred. When this happens, the debtor may plead the limitation period and refuse to satisfy the creditor. The bank’s claim resulting from the loan granted may also be time-barred. The general limitation periods are set out in the Civil […]